Monday, January 21, 2008

Tree Hugging Granola Veg-Head

I wouldn't say that I am a Tree Hugging Granola Veg-Head. I do possess many of those qualities. I am not 100% anything. I am not an extremist on ANYTHING. I believe there are many areas for grays and not everything is black and white. I do some green things and some not so green things. I eat meat but I have my limits. I know PETA says that "In every package of chicken there is a little bit'o pooh"....I really don't care....I am over it. VEGAN's are a whole other story which I dont' have time for today. No meat, dairy or any animal by products??? C'mon already.......I am thoroughly convinced this group of people just HATES food period. Anyway, I am waaaay off my subject. I try to buy organic as much as I only eat organic??? No. I try to stay balanced in everything I do in my life. I don't always succeed but I do always bring myself back to the middle when things get out of whack and rebalance as much as I can. Everything in moderation is my motto. I do very much believe that we have foods out there that can hurt and heal our bodies. Foods that can prevent illness. My favorite drink that I have everyday for what I call my Artery Plaque Busting High Blood Pressure Preventing Drink. I mix a concoction of POM 100% Pomegranate Juice with a Red Ruby Grapefruit that I juice myself and then 1/2 of a lime with 2 Tablespoons of Flax Seed Meal (if you are drinking on a Saturday morning and have nowhere to go....omit the flax seed meal and throw in some citrus vodka heheheheh). Now mind you, I don't have any said ailments to speak of (knock on wood) but I don't want any either. I figure if I can head any of this stuff off at the pass what better way to do it than with foods that are healing in nature. I don't eat completely healthy....but I don't eat completely bad either. I try and balance my options out. Some more of my favorite ailment busting foods are black beans, cinnamon, flax seed, old fashioned oats, unsalted almonds, pecans and walnuts, spinach, olive oil, tea and salmon.....oooh and sundried tomatoes and roasted red peppers (did you know that a red pepper has more vitamin C than an orange). Just looking to do the right thing but with a little fun thrown in from time to time.........definately not going to go through life not having eaten a cookie or pizza or artisinal bread and cheese........that to me would be a living HELL. oooooh and blueberries too!!!

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Lora said...

My personal motto is
"It's not about When you die, it's about LOOKING GOOD when you do die." If you ask some of my friends, they might not agree-I do tend to get a "little" fanatical!