Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Latest and Greatest King Arthur Flour Order

All-Natural Hazelnut Praline Paste - 11-oz.
Item # 2243 in stock

Round Bake-And-Give Pans - Set of 6
Item # 5671 in stock

Maple Sugar
Item # 1293 in stock

Standard Doughnut Pan
Item # 5233 in stock

FREE Pie Filling Enhancer (HEY IT WAS FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Item # F3466 in stock

Filled Cookie Molds Set
Item # 4310 in stock

Item # 4175 in stock I also wonder WHY it is lame???
$6.95 1 $6.95

Natural Maple Flavor - 1-oz.
Item # 1740 in stock

Merchandise total: $83.20
FedEx Standard Ground $16.50

Balance Paid: $99.70

Shhhhhhhhh, don't tell my husband! I want to try my hand at their Buttermilk Cinnamon Doughnuts (hence the doughnut pan), Maple Shortbread cookies(hence the maple flavoring and maple sugar), and Hazelnut Praline Filled Cookies (hence the cookie mold).

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Who Makes Baklawa???? I Do, That's Who!!!

Per Wiki~Baklava or baklawa is a rich, sweet pastry featured in many cuisines of the former Ottoman,Arab World and Iranian countries. It is a pastry made of layers of filo dough filled with chopped walnuts or pistachios and sweetened with syrup or honey. Gaziantep, a city in Turkey, is famous for its baklava and, in Turkey, is widely regarded as the native city of the dessert.[1]Cyprus made the controversial choice to present Baklava for Sweet Europe of the cultural initiative Café Europe in 2006.

Layer Phyllo Dough and butter each piece

Layer on Nuts and Chocolate, Peat and Repeat about every 10 or so sheets.

Bake It!

Make the syrup

Pour HOT syrup over cooled Baklava.......this keeps it crunchy

"qu'ils mangent de la brioche" LET THEM EAT CAKE!

I love Baklava and really have some fond memories of it. Whenever my friends and I would venture up to the Big City "Erie" and go to the "MillCreek Mall" from good ol' suckhole T'ville or T-Vegas as it is now called (I will never understand the whole T-Vegas thang), we would ALWAYS stop in at Tiffany's Bakery. It is now gone and has been for years. They used to make trays and trays of Baklava in all shapes....rolled like cigars (or dead bodies in a carpet), triangles, and these open muffin tin shapes etc. Those were the days......cruising up to Erie, going to the Limited and snack'n on some Tiffany's baklava.......where did the time go.

You are supposed to end up with about 40 sheets total but unfortunately as I was making this.....I was preocuppied w/our break in and only ended up with 20 sheets. Is it pre-occupied or pre-occuppied or pre-ocuppied......perhaps octopus. I was pre-octopus w/our break in and only ended up with 20 sheets. So I made 1/2 Baklava....who da'heel cares cause it was still Good Eats~Alton Brown.