Thursday, August 28, 2008


I had a lady from our subdivision call me on the phone this morning. All she said to me was "I looked up Perseverance in the dictionary and I saw your picture beside it".

I think that was a compliment!

Thanks Betty, I appreciate it!

~per wiki
Perseverance is a term for human endurance and autonomy

~per Stacey
Perseverance is someone with a fat mouth that won't let something drop

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

This is an excerpt from my email to the residents of our subdivision today

I was not able to attend last nights meeting due to the lack of ample notification. I am a stay at home mom and these are the events that have transpired at our cul-de-sac the last two weeks. Everyone needs to be informed of the details......not the generalizations that the association is trying to put out because they dont' want people scared, upset or angry at what is going on. I have been called RUDE and been told that I don't need to spread the details around per the association. Sorry Charlie.......but I am rude and mad and scared and upset and I WILL NOT keep my mouth shut until each and every person in this subdivision knows the details surrounding my incidents. Both during the day and one while we were in our home. I have little children as most of you do. This is not going to be tolerated and if I don't get some action from the community on signs/cameras/etc. then I guess I will eventually have to go to the media on what is happening back here and maybe then someone can explain to me WHY we can't have "community watch signs" etc. put out in our subdivision.

Friday, Aug. 16, 2008 between 11:30 and Noon my husband I left our house and went to Old Mill for lunch. Our house was locked up tight. We came home around 1:00 to find our dead-bolted french doors that face the swimming pool and street kicked in, in broad daylight. Our 42 in plasma was taken and a 37 in LCD in our master bedroom taken and a PS3 blu-ray. It was under the assumption they hopped our 6 ft. privacy fence w/padlocked gates, kicked in the deadbolted doors and then opened the 1st garage stall and backed in and took the item through there. Our front door was locked when we came home. My husbands car was also in the garage at the time. The neighbor to the right of us also had muddy footprints all along the backside of his house.

Monday, Aug.25, 2008 around 1:00 pm. My husband was mowing the grass. We had all 3 garage doors down. My husband came in through the side door to the garage from the back yard to get more gas for the mower. He heard a car beep so he hit the 2nd stall door opener. A man in a Cream/Tan Toyota Landcruiser FJ had pulled into our driveway side-saddle and was blocking the 1st and 2nd stall. He get out of his vehicle.....he is bald, tatooed sleeves on both arms, cammo shorts, fairly tall and had a belly.....he started walking into the garage between our 2 vehicles. My husband asked him twice what he wanted and the man mumbled the first time and never answered the 2nd time. He proceeded into our garage and towards my husband who then came in the house, hit the security button and got a shotgun, and called 911. The man milled around in our garage for about 5 minutes before exiting w/a wooden carved walking stick (all the while our inside and OUTSIDE alarm are going off). He walked to the front door and pressed his head and face right up to the glass (touching the glass) trying to see in our home, after staying there a minute or so, he then left the porch and continued to wander through our neighbors to the left w/walking stick in tow, toward *** Den Trail. He eventually started back to his car when he saw police arriving. He wandered around for a total of 14 minutes w/alarms blaring inside and out. Officers arrested him, he had knives on him and in his car, empty prescription bottles, he was high on something. GPS in his car and something else that looked like a scanner or cb on the dash. His car was towed. Detective Simon called me Tuesday morning and told me this man is a resident of Woodlands Edge and lives on ****grass. All the man kept saying was he was meeting friends. That is all the information the police have given me so far.


I have also eaten WAY TOO MANY almond m&m's tonight out of stress and have a feeling tomorrow morning will not be good for the ol'tummy. (no, that was not in the email)

Monday, August 25, 2008

If I Told YOU What Happened Today You Wouldn't Believe Me Anyway

For right now, let's just say it involved a turkey camo shotgun (and you thought I was joking about that), a walking stick, a bald man tatooed w/sleeves and cammo shorts, a toyota landcruiser, my garage, 5 local police cars w/guns drawn, a 14 minute wait out in my house for the police to even arrive WITH alarms going off IN the house and OUTSIDE the house and said man not leaving the area, staying in my garage for 5 minutes, walking up to my front door putting his greazy nasty ass forehead up to my glass windows to look in........handcuffs and being hauled away in police cruiser w/then said car being towed away w/LARGE knives in car and on persons body etc. etc. etc. I don't have the energy to go into this in complete detail. It has been a harrowing last couple of months w/my husbands employee & wife murdered (see prior postings), our house being burglarized a week ago, my husbands brother being killed in a freak logging accident Friday in PA (who was a hard worker and didn't deserve to die at age 45) to an almost home invasion today. You would think I lived in da'hood w/the happenings around our neighborhood and it is anything but. The house down the other end of our street was robbed yesterday. We don't know if our burglary and the incident today were connected or not yet..........let's just say the gun was pointed and ready to blow off a head, luckily we didn't have to. Police finally showed after 14 minutes and managed to cuff him and haul him off. WTF Mate???????????? I barely believe myself at this point and keep wondering if I am having a bad dream. I couldn't make this sheot up, people. I wouldn't!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cheater Cheater Pumpkin errr I mean Queso Eater

Some people cheat on their taxes, some at cards, and others on their spouses. Me??? Well, let's just say I plead the 5th to all the above, but I do cheat while cooking.

I made Cheater Cheater Queso Eater Enchiladas

If you have not used this product Leigh Oliver's Queso ,you should try it.

I LOVE a good white queso. 'Tis hard to find. I am also not BIG on pre-packaged items. I try to make my own "stuff". This product caught my eye whilst breezing by the refrigerated section at Whole Foods. I bought one jar of the mild white queso and went back two days later for a jar of spinach queso and another jar of mild white.

I took a rotisserie chicken and shredded it. Mixed up the chicken, black beans, and corn, roasted red peppers in a bowl and then spread a small amount of spinach queso on a corn tortilla, layered in the chicken filling, rolled it up and then spread the rest of the queso on top and baked until heated through.

I took a can of refried beans and schmeared those inside a flour tortilla, sprinkled on a little low fat cheddar, rolled up and then poured the rest of the mild white queso over top and baked until heated through.

Voila! 3 days worth of enchiladas and the only leftovers that I WILL eat. I don't do leftovers, for those of you that don't know me.

And yes, the cheating was worth it. This stuff is addicting to say the least. In fact, I may even make it AGAIN this week. That is how much I love it! Eazy Breazy also, gotta love that.