Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cheater Cheater Pumpkin errr I mean Queso Eater

Some people cheat on their taxes, some at cards, and others on their spouses. Me??? Well, let's just say I plead the 5th to all the above, but I do cheat while cooking.

I made Cheater Cheater Queso Eater Enchiladas

If you have not used this product Leigh Oliver's Queso ,you should try it.

I LOVE a good white queso. 'Tis hard to find. I am also not BIG on pre-packaged items. I try to make my own "stuff". This product caught my eye whilst breezing by the refrigerated section at Whole Foods. I bought one jar of the mild white queso and went back two days later for a jar of spinach queso and another jar of mild white.

I took a rotisserie chicken and shredded it. Mixed up the chicken, black beans, and corn, roasted red peppers in a bowl and then spread a small amount of spinach queso on a corn tortilla, layered in the chicken filling, rolled it up and then spread the rest of the queso on top and baked until heated through.

I took a can of refried beans and schmeared those inside a flour tortilla, sprinkled on a little low fat cheddar, rolled up and then poured the rest of the mild white queso over top and baked until heated through.

Voila! 3 days worth of enchiladas and the only leftovers that I WILL eat. I don't do leftovers, for those of you that don't know me.

And yes, the cheating was worth it. This stuff is addicting to say the least. In fact, I may even make it AGAIN this week. That is how much I love it! Eazy Breazy also, gotta love that.


the Jennings secede from the South said...

Oh my gosh, send that my way...
El Canelo my hiney.

k said...

Well...I will look that up! If you like it, then I am a buh-liever! Looks yummy. :)