Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Death even in Food

As I have blogged on here a few times.........my husband is responsible for a team of over 550 Union Pacific Locomotive employees. Of course I haven't met most of them but the supervisors/foreman generals/local chairman etc. are people that I have met at various events. I am not the best person w/names but I always remember a face(s). Of course..........there are 550 of them and only 1 of me.

One of the first restaurants we attended a function at was Cock of the Walk
This was for a retirement dinner for one of my husbands supervisory employees. Across from me sat this nice couple in their early-mid 50's. Very quiet and kind of kept to themselves but did chat with me on and off through all the noise. The man was even nice enough to pour me some sweet tea. This man was a general foreman for my husband.

Last night around midnight we got an email message from one of my husband's 2nd shift supervisors with the word "rumor" in the subject. Unfortunately, this "rumor" turned out to be true. Sherwood Couple Found Dead in Missouri

No one deserves this.......and especially not this couple. Although I did not know them well....just in passing during some events at restaurants, I remembered their faces and how nice and welcoming they were when they met me. I know that Tom will be greatly missed by his Union Pacific peers. I hope that their children somehow find comfort and can move forward after this tragedy that should have never happened.

I was lucky enough to share catfish, hushpuppies, collard greens, fried pickles and sweet tea with the Estes' and I hope that Tom and Jill Estes are resting in peace and I hope they FRY THE MUTHER FUCKER WHO DID THIS!

UPDATE:SCUMBAG CAUGHT Nicholas Troy Sheley, 28, of Sterling, was arrested Tuesday evening in Granite City, Illinois, just east of St. Louis, Special Agent Ross Rice told CNN.

Monday, June 30, 2008

I just realized at 6:37 PM I never put a Title on this blog....Phuck It....No Title Today

Ina...eat your heart out, I made my OWN Brioche.

Homemade BRIOCHE.....this was the beginnings of Father's Day Breakfast. My husband LOVES French Toast.

This is the Oooompa Looompa helping soak the sliced Brioche in custard.

Griddle it up.............

........And slap it on a plate w/some grilled italian turkey sausage and breakfast burritos........voila, I don't have time for this sheeot!

RoAsTeD StRaWbErRy SuNdAyS or SuNdAeS on MoNdAyS

Toss 2 lbs of berries w/about 1/2 cup o'the sue-weet stuff

Plop it on some parchment on a cookie sheet at about 400 degrees and roast for about 40 minutes.....stirring every 15. I actually added a tsp of Tahitian Vanilla after they came out of the oven. This made a HUGE difference in the taste.

Vanilla Ice Cream, roasted strawberries and toasted almonds w/a sprig of mint. This truly tastes like the best damn strawberry jam you have ever had in your life.

Okay, you know the XXX Adult Stores you see on the side of the freeway for all those truckers that have been on the road for days and need to get their nut off, right??? Well this is basically the same thing, but not quite as seedy and the floor isn't as sticky AND it is for women. It is the Williams Sonoma Outlet in good ol' Memphis, TN. They should just swap out the letters and write ORGASM instead, but I guess that probably isn't politically correct and may also offend some of you right or left wingers out there. I am sure the independents would be all for it!!!

$9.99 for ALL THREE

$64.99 plus 30% off........you do the math.

Neely's BBQ
Ok, so I had to go. The Neely's from the Food Network have 2 BBQ joints in Memphis. I am sorry to say and report that I was unimpressed. I mean, who am I?? I am no one....just a lowly soul looking for some bbq. Their soda machines kept losing soda....1st the strawberry and then the sprite. The sweet tea was tasteless.

This picture turned into.............

.......this picture.......LOL is all I gotta say. At least ACT like you are enjoying it.

I hate to report disparaging (sp) things about eateries. I am not a critic....well I am in my own tastebud world. I just wasn't impressed at all. I was expecting WOW...I was expecting my tastebuds to explode. They didn't. I wouldn't go back. My husband was not impressed either. We shared the sampler. The beef ribs did fall off the bone and the were as tender as could be.....but rather tasteless. Maybe it was just "us". In any event, I didn't feel they have anything over the Whole Hog Cafe in Little Rock. I am from Little Rock by way of PA, CA, AZ, TX, PA, PA, CA, NE so I have no obligation to be giving props to the Whole Hog. I hated to say I didn't like the Neely's food because I love the Neely's on food tv....all their luv'in and pinch'n and kiss'n and givn' suga' but I just wasn't impressed.

Last but not least........more basil means more pesto.

If this ain't the kind o'parm you are using, then you better take an inward look at yourself.

This time it was basil, italian flat leaf parsely, lemon peel, lemon juice, toasted walnuts, olive oil, parm, garlic, salt n peppa.

Ready to freeze.

Ooooh and I almost forgot one more thing........Cheese Pizzettes

Giada's Cheese Pizzettes

I just served the Pizzettes alongside a baby spinach/baby mixed green salad topped w/roasted pecans, dried cranberries, rotisserie chicken and wild maine blueberry dressing.