Thursday, June 5, 2008

What's In Yer Beer Fridge

Beer Fridge~Fridge that hangs out in your garage.

As one can see....I don't have much beer in my "beer fridge". This fridge has saved my ass numerous times taking all the overflow from my kitchen fridge. In my beer fridge you will find: pomegranite lemonade, a pitcher of iced tea, unopened pink champagne (a friend gave it to me), Mike's Hard Lemonade, every kind of diet pop you can imagine, club soda, 10 kinds of sno-cone syrup (my son's purchase) to go along with his Snoopy Sno-Cone Maker (you are such a pussy BEN), and tubs of leftovers, lunch for my husband the next day, tubs of dough from Artisanal Bread in 5 Minutes A Day, rancid heavy whipping cream, etc. etc., A leftover note my husband left in the fridge for me for Valentines Day that states "Honey, I love you, Happy V-day", another note that I wrote and place on his car window every night that says "DON'T FERGET U'R PHUCKING LUNCH"....he then takes the note and places it back in the fridge where his lunch was sitting, possibly some corona if I am making mexican food, oh and some vanilla pediasure that my kids drink every morning because they refuse to eat.

What is on my fridge??? Magnets from every state I have ever lived in or visited or vacationed, all the cirque du soleil shows I have attended and blue man groups I have gone to. My fridge is littered w/them. Tacky?? Perhaps, but a true beer fridge nonetheless. Is nonetheless one word or three...none the less or nonethe less or perhaps, none theless......who the frick cares!!

I think there is an orb on my fridge.