Thursday, March 13, 2008

Eggs on Rye

A common saying in modern day Alaska is "eggs on rye" which is an expression used when something tastes delicious. These lil'artisan loaves speak for themselves. They turned out quite well and very tasty. Of course we had pastrami/swiss/sauerkraut paninis on them.

Carpet Slipper

Instead of a Brazillian Butt Implant my cheaper recommendation is to either get Brioche Assssss or Ciabatta Assssss. Either works well. My favorite bread hands down is Ciabatta.....I love making paninis out of it. But there is nothing like a bottle of olive oil and a loaf of ciabatta and yourself......standing at the island in your kitchen. Ripping off hunks of ciabatta and then drizzling with some really good EVOO. Of course, if you are standing at your island it doesn't really count because you are not sitting down to eat *wink wink*....if you know what I mean. I keep forging forward with trying to make bread on my BGE. I keep failing miserably. I went through 4 ciabatta the other day. This is what ciabatta is supposed to look like........from Carpet Slipper:

To Carpet Muncher:

*Disclaimer: MANY ciabatta were either maimed or killed during the filming of this blog.

Just in case you didn't know:Ciabatta (literally, carpet slipper because of its shape), pronounced correctly IPA: cha-BAT-ta, but often in English IPA: see-a-BAT-a,[citation needed] is an Italian white bread made with wheat flour and yeast. The loaf is somewhat elongated, broad and flattish and, like a slipper, should be somewhat collapsed in the middle. ~per wikipedia

Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies

These are Giada De Laurentiis' Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies. These cookies consistently turn out great!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Brioche Update

Okay, so get this......I bake off another one of these Almond Brioche "Bostock". My hubby takes it into work. He comes home and says: the guys said that was the best BUNDT CAKE they have ever had. Bundt Cake??? Does it look like a friggin BUNDT CAKE??? There is no way in HELL it tastes like a FRIGGIN BUNDT CAKE. Next time I hock a loogie and send in "no bakes"........the ungrateful bastards. It may have been a compliment but it was NO BUNDT CAKE.

Moo Moo Salads

Moo Moo Salad: Beef Tournedos, spinach, cranberries, toasted pecans, sweet potato fries, hard boiled eggs, cucumber and poppy seed dressing.

Moo Moo Salad 2: Beef Tournedos, red leaf/romaine lettuce, sundried tomato fries, cucumber, hard boiled egg, cucumber, cheddar and santa fe vinaigrette.

Dislcaimer: No sweet potatoes were injured or killed during the filming of this blog.

Tournedos is one of the many French food names and cooking terms that have been carried over into English directly, such as foie gras, bouquet garni, génoise, etc. The exhaustive Larousse Gastronomique says you can consider the tournedos to be a small, round slice taken from near the end of the tenderloin, which is normally sautéed or grilled. In common usage, any part of the tenderloin is apt to be called tournedos on a restaurant menu.

The Coffee Poser Steee-Rikes AGAIN

I am embarassed to say that one of those creamers actually says "White Chocolate Mudslide" and the other is "French Vanilla". Should I be worried that these belong to a grown man???? Perhaps this a question for a therapist. I guess I should be glad he is going to the fridge for his "International Delight" and not the "Emperor's Club". No one really knows what goes on behind closed fridge doors.

Eggceptional Eggstravaganza

Him: Hey Honey, can I help you with anything??
Me: Nah....oh yeah, go ahead and peel the hard boiled eggs for the steak salads.
Him: hmmm, grabs an egg, tap tap, crack crack crack, tap tap, peel pick peel pick pick pick pick pick *10 minutes goes by*.....water is running....finally the first egg is born.
Me: uh, you aren't done yet.
Him: uh, which do you think peels an egg faster....warm or cold water???
Me: why are you using water?
Him: tap tap tap......crack..........peels egg under warm running water.....finally after another 10 minutes egg #2 is born.
Me: uh, you gonna be done sometime this century??
Him: well you gave me the hardest job in the kitchen.
Me: ARE YOU FRICKIN SERIOUS???? You run a 550+ person facility and YOU are telling ME that peeling 4 hard boiled eggs is the hardest job I could have given you in the kitchen??????? Puhleaze, let us NOT go there.
Him: tap tap tap tap tap tap, crack, crack, crack, tap, tap, tap

He's no Eliot Spitzer BUT he IS mine.......................................

Monday, March 10, 2008

More To Come.............

I am carbo'ed out. Each ass cheek at this point has to look like a loaf of brioche. It sure feels like it after this weekend. I have a nasty case of brioche'assssssss.