Thursday, June 5, 2008

What's In Yer Beer Fridge

Beer Fridge~Fridge that hangs out in your garage.

As one can see....I don't have much beer in my "beer fridge". This fridge has saved my ass numerous times taking all the overflow from my kitchen fridge. In my beer fridge you will find: pomegranite lemonade, a pitcher of iced tea, unopened pink champagne (a friend gave it to me), Mike's Hard Lemonade, every kind of diet pop you can imagine, club soda, 10 kinds of sno-cone syrup (my son's purchase) to go along with his Snoopy Sno-Cone Maker (you are such a pussy BEN), and tubs of leftovers, lunch for my husband the next day, tubs of dough from Artisanal Bread in 5 Minutes A Day, rancid heavy whipping cream, etc. etc., A leftover note my husband left in the fridge for me for Valentines Day that states "Honey, I love you, Happy V-day", another note that I wrote and place on his car window every night that says "DON'T FERGET U'R PHUCKING LUNCH"....he then takes the note and places it back in the fridge where his lunch was sitting, possibly some corona if I am making mexican food, oh and some vanilla pediasure that my kids drink every morning because they refuse to eat.

What is on my fridge??? Magnets from every state I have ever lived in or visited or vacationed, all the cirque du soleil shows I have attended and blue man groups I have gone to. My fridge is littered w/them. Tacky?? Perhaps, but a true beer fridge nonetheless. Is nonetheless one word or three...none the less or nonethe less or perhaps, none theless......who the frick cares!!

I think there is an orb on my fridge.


Ann Miller said...

your beer fridge sure looks clean and neat!! mine is full of kentwood water bottles--delivered by my nice kentwood man and placed in my beer fridge--that is one of my best discoveries---no more hauling heavy water bottles in the grocery store. also, it is full of empty beer cartons--and they weren't bought that way! thank you, husband...needless to say, i would never display pictures of it!!

Lora said...

I have the very same frig in my garage-except for the contents. I sold mine to the painter and he has not picked it up. Decided to get a smaller Garage frig & seperate small freezer for reasons only plausible to lc. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING in your frig-DIET DP-my drink of choice!

k said...

Hi! Nice to see you back. I do not have a beer fridge, but if I did it would have Corona (my favorite) Red Stripe (another great one) Woodchuck Hard Cider (my favorite sweet beer-ish drink) and VooDoo Mama Black Mountain stout (so dark and lovely). I don't have a single beer in my fridge right now and this is making me sad. :)

Leah said...

You are such a sweetheart to check in on me! I really should do a post and show you guys how bad it is here, but I guess that's why God invented MSNBC.

We have a little summer cottage out where the flooding is the worst. Our dock is completely under water; the water comes up all the way past the cottage and then out into the street. My husband was out there yesterday to check on things and he said there are fish swimming in our yard! If the water comes up another three inches it will be spilling through my kitchen door out there.

I've been 'swamped' with school getting out and haven't been cooking anything interesting these past couple of weeks!

In my beer fridge are three different types of LaCroix sparkling water, four bottles of Chard, four Capri Suns, and a case of beer! On the freezer side there are five Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches, four frozen pizzas, some Lean Cuisines, a bottle of Mandarin Absolut Vodka, and some popsicles. ;-)

Anyway, thanks again for checking in, you are a sweetheart for thinking of your blog friend. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear about your home being robbed. Needless to say, karma is a bitch and somewhere, somehow, somtime, your little friends will receive theirs.
And, as the shmuck that helped relocate your family several times, i do feel quite proud that I DIDN't on the way to Arkansas, thatbackwood's place. Come to Connecticut where you wil lbe a minority among the Brazilians and illegal Ecuadorians! Life here is good. You can get all the Spanish food (like frozen bananas) here you want. Oh, please consider writing for Chicken Soup for the Soul. Your writing is impeccable (although please leave out the F word for the sake of the children and as a future English professor, need to advise that "Phuck" is REALLY not spelled that way!). Please keep us posted on whether you are now driving around with a pair of ball sin your rearview mirror. YOU GO GIRL! Barbie