Thursday, May 29, 2008

By George I Think I've Found It!

Image "courtesy" of Starbucks

Our oldest son works at Starbucks and he loves it. He has held several jobs in his short life.....Target for over a year (hated it, bitched non stop, don't know how he made it a year), Amazing Pizza Machine (bitched about management non-stop, made it 4 months), Arby's (BEST DAMN JOB HE EVER HAD, or so he says), Barnes & Noble (we don't even want to go there) and now $5 Bucks.

I like coffee but I am a regular coffee with a little bit o'cream. None of this nonfat, soy latte, no foam, 3 shots and a squirt. I like the cold drinks but a little goes a long way....a couple sips is enough, I could never finish a whole one. Tonight I went in to try a Caffe' Misto (sounds like meeeesto) or otherwise known as a Cafe' Au Lait/Cafe' Con Leche or otherwise DBA (doing business as) coffe and steamed milk. I ordered a Venti, Decaff, Nonfat Misto w/ 3 squirts o' carmel. It was heavenly. I truly enjoyed this. It wasn't overly sue-weet like the gas station cappucino's out of the vending machine that give you a case of the squirts the minute you finish your cup (The coffee Poser LOVES those btw). It had a touch of sweetness from the carmel syrup and a light coffee flavor. This will definately be on my list time I will try with cinnamon dolce syrup. IT WAS FRICKIN FREE also........which is always the best. FREE makes things taste sooooo much better.

I was also the lucky recipient of a Short, Decaf, Iced, Extra Caramel, Caramel Macchiato (A signature Starbucks® beverage. A creamy mix of vanilla and freshly steamed milk marked with intense Starbucks® espresso, topped with velvety foam and our own proprietary buttery caramel sauce.) It was good but I could only drink a few sips.

A sample of caramel brownie, some kind of white chocolate toffee cookie (it broke so they couldn't sell it) niether was anything to rave about.

I know this post is probably boring and I can't think of too much funny to say this evening. I gotta go and change a poopy diaper and head to the airport to pick up the Coffee Poser. Ciao for now!

Oooh and one more thing........the coffee at my son's store is roasted in YORK, PA....I dont' know why I find that fascinating but I do. They only have 4 roasting facilities currently for all the stores. I never even thought of them having a roasting facility. I guess they are building a new one in South Carolina.


the Jennings secede from the South said...

I've thought about Starbucks- they have good benefits!

k said...

South Carolina gets all the cool stuff! I heard that Coke built a huge recycling plant there.

I'm not a coffe girl, so you have to dress it ten ways to Sunday to get my attention. Then, I probably still won't care for it. It makes me crazy thirsty for some odd reason. I love the tea, hot, cold, iced, chai'd. :)

Lora said...

York, PA-how far is that from Erie? We might smell the roasting if the wind was just right

StickyGooeyCreamyChewy said...

Mini-SGCC is a coffee poser too. She and her nonfat vanilla soy decaf lattes give me a pain. Just give me a steamy cup of Chock Full o' Nuts with some hazelnut Coffeemate and I'm good to go! ;)

Ben said...

You fucked up.

Pizza Machine - 8 Months

Decaf GRANDE nonfat misto with three pumps caramel.

TALL Iced carmel machiatto with extra caramel.

Eat it.

Leah said...

Ooooh, looks like he called you out! Love it, my son has started to call me out in front of people, which makes me want to punch him in the kisser!

Michael said...

I can well appreciate the urge to punch one's son.

Not the action, naturally, but the urge.

I am an absolute CP-give me whipped cream, ice, sugar, whatever. I like coffee as long as it doesn't taste like coffee very much.

Today I went with a Green Tea Frappachino, which looks wierd but tastes good.

I have to say, as absurd and Wastefully American as it is to spend $5 on a drink, I have to say that, as a consumer, I have NEVER EVER-EVER been disappointed by a Starbucks experience.

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

Ben is a chip off the ol' block....he acts just like me. irritating....OH YEAH, who the hell needs two of ME????

the smart ass rat bastard is a pre-pharm student.......have to be nice to him so I can get my pharmaceutical fix when I am older.