Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Kiss My Ass Cardiologist, I'm Taking Another Lipitor and Making StickyGooeyCreamyChewy Florida Pie

Florida Pie

My friend over at Sticky, Gooey, Creamy, Chewy makes some pretty damn impressive desserts. Her photos rock the ass off of mine. She made this incredible pie a couple of weeks ago...Florida Pie. It is a key lime pie w/a homemade coconut cream base and then topped off with homemade whipped cream. Let's just say a scant over 3 cups of HEAVY CREAM in this pie. I had to make it. I didn't have any key limes so I just used regular. This pie is delicious and nutritious (not really but it does busta rhyme). Check out her website and the pie............This was my ghetto version!

About 1/2 cup of squozen limes...............phuck, the picture is sideways and I am too tired to counterclockwiseass it. If you do a yoga lizard pose it will look like it is upright, trust me!

Yes, it is a Pilsbury refrigerated pie crust beotch, bite me!

Coconut cream mixture.....just what it says Cream and Coconut, simmer til you just can't simma' no mo'

Pre-baked pie crust, coconut cream layer, lime filling and then bake about 12 minutes.

This was the best picture out of a sh*tty trio.



StickyGooeyCreamyChewy said...

Hey! That pie looks fab! I hope you loved it!

Thanks so much for the props! I'm flattered that you enjoy my little kitchen adventures (good and bad). The feeling is mutual.. You keep me in stitches.

BTW, should I send over those paddles yet?

Anonymous said...

"Good night, Irene"—who's Grandma Kurtic now???? :-)

Ann Miller said...

GREAT use of good night, irene! it's one of my favorites! and i am definitely a mawmaw!!

The Primary Benefactor of the Goodies said...

lmao....SGCC, my wife keeps u in stiches from laughter, the boys and I experience them from her left hooks.

k said...

I do want some of that...the key lime calls me. Great funny posting, "pillsbury Irene". :)