Friday, January 25, 2008

Sour Dough'n Hoochie Mama Part Deux

<----King Arthur is da'bomb

Below is my left over starter I will put back in the crock in my fridge and feed again so I will have starter when I want to make bread again. I feel Amish......kind of like when everyone was getting ready for Y2K and they thought every ATM machine was going to implode....and they bought generators and cases of campbells soup and lots of toilet paper. I am self -sustaining.....bring it on UFO's....I can hide in my basement and live off of bread on the BGE while the world around me evaporates......until of course, I run out of charcoal......i don't have a basement either but makes for good effect.

So today I tried to make sourdough bread bowls for my potatos soup. They turned out pretty good. This was my first attempt at making sourdough bread, let alone making it on the Big Green Egg (BGE).
<----Baking on the BGE <---- LOVE THIS!!!!!

I will definately try these again. I am actually surprised they turned out....I must of had really good starter because I was doing 3 things at once....making potato soup, making sourdough bread and starting my pizza dough for tomorrow and later on in the day I found a ramekin behind a towel on my counter that had the OTHER 1/2 of the salt/sugar mixture I was supposed to put in my dough. UGH! I love the BIG GREEN EGG, I LOVE IT!!!!!

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