Sunday, January 20, 2008

R.I.P. My Good Friend

R.I.P. 1997-2008
Dear Good Buddy,
Thank you for being there. You were a trooper. When I couldn't afford a commercial size food processor you held your own. You chopped, whirled, and pulverized things with the greatest of ease even though you were a mini prep. Things you weren't even equipped to chop. We had good times. Last year when Dana brought home the restaurant size Cuisinart from Sur La Table that cost a small house payment for our anniversary.....I didn't forget about you. I didn't cast you aside, I still used you for small jobs, but I took the load off your aching joints. I still kept your spot on the counter even though you looked dwarfed and in need of a facelift compared to my new bigger and better toy. Tonight I took advantage of you and I ask for your forgiveness as you go to the grave. I am sorry. I put pecans, walnuts, AND coconut in your half lifeless body and filled you up to the brim. I heard you struggling but didn't listen, I was too lazy to use the workhorse...that would have required getting out another blade and lid. For this I apologize. You struggled and tried to hold on.......finally taking your last breath. I shall never forgive myself. R.I.P. good buddy, rest in peace.


Lora said...

9 Good Years. The "Fun Part"-YOU GET TO BUY THE LATEST & GREATEST!

Lora said...

OOPS 11 Good Years. I don't have my calculator!