Saturday, March 1, 2008

Vanilla Bean Scones

Where the Frick did I put my Tonka Beans and Rolling Papers?????

Vanilla Bean Scones~The other day my wonderful son came home from work at Starbucks w/a Vanilla Bean Scone. It was divine. This weekend has been spent trying to recreate these morsels from heaven. I am close but not quite. Thanks to help from Tartellete, i probably speeled that wrong, on the vanilla bean measurements. And no, you don't want your men like you want your vanilla beans.....long, shriveled, slender with a crimp on the end~bad bad bad.

Hotcha Hotcha right out of the oven.

My attempt at trying to be as cool as fellow is giving me a headache. The pressure is too great. Remember that song......under pressure, bah bah dum dum, under pressure, bah bah dum dum.....guitar strrrrruuummmmmm

The recipe still needs some tweeking........I am out of some of my ingredients so it will be back to the drawing board tomorrow. My son said they were close but needed more vanilla bean......he also said that if I put more vanilla bean powder in them it will dry them out more???? I think I know where my tonka beans and rolling papers went.


Lora said...

I love scones. Going to Fivebucks when I get home and try one!

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

LOL, I get it.....starbucks/fivebucks. Never heard that one before....have I been under a rock??? perhaps.

Amber Cathey said...

Just a thought - when you use your granulated sugar, it might help to use vanilla sugar instead. You just throw a vanilla bean into a couple of cups of sugar, then shake really hard, let sit a few days, and your sugar is infused with vanilla flavor. That way, you're technically not changing your wet/dry ratio in the recipe, just the taste.

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

Thanks Amber~you know that is one thing I never do is put a vanilla bean in sugar. I don't know why. I have beans, I have paste, I have all the expensive vanillas, mexican, madagascar, tahitian but I never flavor my sugar. I think I need to do this!