Friday, February 29, 2008


Sifting for Death least we have a cool retro bowl to look at.

Right before Death Muffins hit the oven.....they look so innocent, Death Beast Hate Muffins

Don't they look YUMMY??? There was absolutely nothing wrong with this recipe. It would have been delicious had I realized prior to mixing and baking that I LOATHE HONEY. This was a sweet potato bread recipe w/a praline topping that I found on a fellow bloggers site "closet cooking". I will make this again and omit the honey. I love sweet potatoes. I used a canned organic sweet potato puree and the muffins turned out beautifully.

As you can tell.......I finally learned how to place my pictures on this program. It has only taken me like 150 posts and 5 months to figure it out. Perserverence my friend, perserverence. I figured it out myself too.....I don't need no stinkin help. Might take me 3 times as long, but you can bet your sweet bippy I won't forget how to do it now. I should have been a private investigator.....I never give up, NEVER. I could be a food investigator.....Inspector Clouseau, remember him??? Does this even make sense??? Hells to tha'no. What am I talking about??? I am clearly overtired and in need of a chocolate chip or something sweet from the pantry in order to shock me back into the "now". Or perhaps some sleep. Yes, sleep. I will dream of fluffy fluffy white frosting.......................................

There is a spell check button on this program......why why why don't I ever use it??


Cakespy said...

I love you. "It would have been delicious had I realized prior to mixing and baking that I LOATHE HONEY". Quote of the day!

Molly said...

This post made me laugh hysterically. I have never been a big fan of honey either. I sometimes put a little in a cup of tea, but that's about it. People that put it on bread or something--that just weirds me out. Give me some creamy fattening BUTTER!