Monday, February 4, 2008

You're Gonna Have To Face It You're Addicted To Panini's

Remember that song "You're Gonna Have To Face It You're Addicted to Love" Robert Palmer......May He Rest In Peace.

Well, I am going to have to face it.........I am addicted to Panini's. A panini machine is definately one kitchen gadget that is worth its weight in gold. We use ours all the time. It is not the same making them in a pan on the stove or even using a griddle pan and weighting your sammich down. A griddled panini machine cooks it on the top and bottom at the same time making this incredible crunchy outer layer of your sandwhich.......they are just incredible. Tonight I took rosemary and olive oil panne brushed it with olive oil on the outside, brushed the inside w/sundried tomato pesto, layered a small amount of shredded asiago, a couple of diced boar's head pepperoni bits, and some fresh mozzarella then grilled it. I also took some roasted garlic panne and brushed that with olive oil, then put some NY mustard and some american cheese and then some Kansas City Steaks peppercorn and sea salt tournedos that I sliced thin, sauteed red/yellow/green pepper and grilled. Sweet potato fries and baby organic italian salad mix with olive oil and red wine vinegar. Then I ended up making maple pecan squares a recipe from King Arthur Flour.

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