Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I May NEED To Order This

I really am feeling compelled to order this from Williams Sonoma. Homemade ice cream is one of my specialties. I have been using http://www.coneguys.com/ cones. They carry them in our fresh market. I like them, but don't love them. I think this waffle cone machine may be the missing piece that makes my life complete.....ok, perhaps that is a little dramatic......I am sure my husband won't buy that excuse either....although he could care less about my spending habits. Chocolate dipped waffle cones........chocolate dipped waffle bowls sprinkled with jimmies. I mean it is cool to give homemade ice cream as a gift but it would be da'bomb to also give homemade cones to eat it out of. Looooooooong Paaauuuuuussssssseeeeeee, okay, I am back.......I ordered it!!!
On a different note, but a similar one, my new ice cream flavor flave is going to be a Mexican Hot Chocolate. I dont' know if anyone has had mexican hot chocolate before but it is quite yummy. Ibarra makes a mexican chocolate, if you can find it, and it is quite convenient because it already has the cinnamon in it. It comes in a chunky round piece, usually 5 to a container. If you can't find mexican chocolate, you can melt down some chocolate and put a little coffee/espresso, some cinnamon and a pinch of cayenne in it. One time I made a mexican hot chocolate fondue and we dipped miniature ice cream balls rolled in nuts in it........OH MY is all I can say. Anyway, I am thinking of making the chocolate ice cream, with the espresso, cinnamon and a pinch of cayenne and then putting a marshmallow swirl through it. Hence the Mexican Hot Chocolate Ice Cream w/Marshmallows. Just like a cup of steaming Mexican Hot Chocolate topped off with mallows.....except cold. Now wouldn't that be AMAZING in a homemade waffle cone or bowl??? That will probably be my husbands Valentines Day Gift.


Soup Down said...

Foodie, I tried each one of the links to the right of the text. My favorite is the "...Sonoma," of course! Don't despair about the moves across the country. Rejoice, he is employed!

Brooke & Freeland said...

We love mexican chocolate ice cream also! our neighbors are caterers & introduced it to us! You should def. make it - let me know how it turns out!