Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Danger, Danger, Danger Will Robinson

Quite frankly, THIS CONCERNS ME!!! I open up my package from KAF (King Arthur Flour) today and this is what I pull out.


All I wanted to do was try and make some homemade rye bread. Instead, I find myself suiting up w/latex gloves and looking for the mushroom cloud gas mask ensemble. Who knew that baking could become a biohazard.

Just in case you are too young to know who Will Robinson is or you live in a bubble:“Danger, Will Robinson!” is an English catch phrase derived from the classic 1960s American television series Lost in Space. The phrase characterizes the relationship between two of its regular characters, the Robot and Will Robinson over the course of several episodes of that series. The autonomous (and nameless) robot takes a protective attitude toward Will, and alerts him thus to dangerous situations, expecting Will to take immediate action to protect himself. The robot cannot do everything, even though its sensors are amazingly sensitive: Interesting Factoid:Despite the popularity of the phrase in everyday culture, it was only said once on the show.

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