Tuesday, February 19, 2008

When The Cat Is Away.....The Mice Make Mushroom Soup

Whenever the hubby aka "coffee poser", has to go out of town on business, I usually make something I wouldn't dream of fixing when he is home. Hubby HATES mushrooms. Quite frankly, he hasn't given them a fair shake but that is a whole other story. I had picked up a Cook's Illustrated Magazine at Fresh Market a couple of weeks ago on Soups & Stews. They had a creamy mushroom soup in there which sounded delectable. I LOVE MUSHROOMS!!! Our 19 year old son likes mushrooms also.............so.........I made the soup this afternoon. It is filled w/shrooms, cream, sherry, shallots, garlic and chicken stock......then whirl w/immersion blender inside the hot pot. It is very tasty......not as thick as I was hoping for....but tasty nonetheless. A baby lettuce salad and some grilled ciabatta w/olive oil and rubbed w/garlic.

Tonight I have a good read.....I will nestle up w/my new book......courtesy of a friend's discount at Barnes Noble. Artisan Bread In Five Minutes a Day~The Discovery That Revolutionizes Home Baking. I definately have a learning curve where bread is concerned. I am excited to dig into this book.

Note to Self: Sherry tastes pretty damn good straight out the bottle~what a pleasant surprise that WAS.


Lora said...

My friend, The Chef,says always buy 2 bottles of whatever alcohol goes into your dish-one for the dish and one to drink while preparing the dish.

Anonymous said...

Yum I love mushrooms and my husband also hates them (and blue cheese) so I try to do the same thing when he's gone!

Cakespy said...

My favorite part of Mr. Cakespy going away...I can make all the foods he can't stand smelling (salmon, brussels sprouts...).

Tartelette said...

Homemade mushroom soup is so good! You are going to love that book! I want to make the beignets in there so bad!!