Wednesday, May 14, 2008

40 Food Quirks

1. I loathe BANANAS. I like banana things, ie: pudding, bread. If I was a CIA spy and I was captured by the enemy and they wanted me to "talk", all they would have to do is threaten me with banana torture......I would sing like a newborn bird for a worm!
2. I like MAKING homemade ice cream BUT I DON'T like eating it. My favorite ice cream is Blue Bell. I love it!
3. Hot Fudge disgusts me in every way.
4. I don't really drink. I didn't even have a margarita at my own Cinco De Mayo party.
5. I eat a Luna/Cliff bar every morning for breakfast with a small coffee and 16 oz. of water.
6. I drink a flaxmeal smoothie almost everyday for lunch.
7. I don't like yogurt.
8. I don't really care for lasagna....I like ALL of the ingredients in lasagna BUT I don't really like lasagna.
9. When I was younger I use to take the cheese off of my pizza and reassemble the
toppings back on the bread MINUS the cheese.
10. I don't like fresh mozzarella.
11. I don't really care for tomatoes anymore. I used to LOVE them. I like sauce,
salsa, canned tomatoes in my soup etc. but just don't really care for fresh tomatoes anymore.
12. I could wear cinnamon as perfume everyday. I never get sick of it. I could rub my body down w/King Arthur Flour's cinnamon filling.
13. My favorite food is Mexican.
14. My favorite Italian food is Pizza.
15. I never want popcorn or toast unless someone else makes it first, AND THEN I want it.
16. I LOVE LOVE LOVE spicy food. I lOVE Jalapenos but they don't love me.
17. I miss really good Baja Fish Tacos.
18. California Pizza Kitchen is my favorite chain restaurant.
19. I can't bring myself to eat eggplant because it is purple and oblong. It is purple and oblong but yet they call it an egg-plant. It just freaks me out.
20. I make the worlds WORST potato salad. I have tried gazillions of recipes and it is always horrible. Maybe it is because I don't really care for potato sald. I don't know.
21. I think sushi is gross and tastes like it is wrapped in black electrical tape.
22. My favorite juice is Cranberry.
23. If I never ate meat again I would be alright with it.
24. I miss going to Panera on Saturday/Sunday mornings with my hubby and kids for coffee and pastries (no Panera in LR:()
25. I love Taco Bell but NEVER eat it.
26. I love Dr. Pepper but NEVER drink it. I actually craved Dr. Pepper when I was pregnant and peanut butter but not together.
27. If you put a piece of shaved parmesan on a mini pretzel twist and put the whole thing in your can pretend you are eating combos when you have no combos. I love combos BUT I never eat them.
28. I hated ranch dressing when it first surfaced years ago. I still feel the same way.
29. I don't like hot drinks except for coffee. I especially dislike hot tea.
30. I love Iced Black Tea and could drink it from sun-up until sun-down, BUT I don't.
31. I like mayonnaise on hamburgers and in macaroni salad and tuna/chicken salad. Other than that it disgusts me. Miracle Whip is for losers!
32. I sooo love "everything" bagels w/cream cheese.
33. A really good crusty bread, cheese and fresh fruit is one of the best meals!
34. I am more of a "thin crust" girl.
35. I will only eat an orange if it is sliced like a wagon wheel and then you cut the wagon wheel in 1/2.
36. If I never had to grocery shop again, I would be the happiest person on the planet.
37. I salt EVERYTHING. Kosher, of course!
38. I never really ate cheese until I married my husband almost 20 years ago.
39. I used to hate cheesecake. Now it is "ok". Okay enough to eat once in awhile anyway.
40. I love Ho Ho's. I haven't had one in years. When I am lucky enough to eat a Ho Ho, I always take off and eat the chocolate coating then proceed to unroll it as best I can and then eat it.

I call this one: Man frantically trying to roll chocolate waffle cones before ever reading directions on "How To Make Waffle Cones".

Ooompa Looompa enjoying a Mother's Day Homemade Chocolate Waffle Cone filled with Blue Bell Century Sundae Ice Cream.


k said...

Well, that was delightful. I'm interested in the flaxseed shake. Trying to incorporate flax and do it in muffins, hot cereals and stuff...but tell me more about your shake??!!
It appears that you are quite disciplined in your much but indulge in little. What a brave girl! :)
I too, love everything bagels with cream cheese, but as you would say, I don't ever eat them...unless I am in NYC at H&H Bagel with Italian being spoken all around me, beautiful men and lines to the door. But, that's long ago and far away.
I enjoyed the read, thanks.

Lora said...

I FEEL BETTER-there are things you don't like! Sounds like a touch of OCD is going on to me-takes one to know one!

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

K~it is not really a smoothie. I just call it a smoothie for all intents and purposes. What I do is juice a Ruby Red Grapefruit, add a splash of POM and a squeeze of lime, a light sprinkle of sweet n low, and 3 tblsp. of flaxseed meal, lots of ice and drink quickly through a straw. I guess w/the ice you could pulverize into a smoothie but it is more of a juice and if you can stand basically drinking soggy shredded wheat through a straw then this is the drink for you. LOL. It is weird but it is how I get my daily dose of flax.

Lora~What gave me away on the OCD?? The orange sliced like a wagon wheel and then sliced again in 1/2 or was it the ho ho ritual?? hahahahaha

k said...

Wow! YOu are disciplined. That sounds a little scary, but you've got a wealth of good stuff in it. I will try to try it. :) Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I loved this post!

Abraham doesn't like bananas either, but one of his favorite desserts is banana cream pie. I

Abraham likes thin crust, I like a hand-tossed crust.

I used to love Taco Bell, but the last couple times we had it it was so bad that I told Abraham, "If I ever say I want this again, just tell me no." We've agreed.

I love all ice cream--and if you ever need to unload some of your homemade creations, look into purchasing some dry ice and we'll take it off your hands. You have my address. :-) I have a friend from the south who goes nuts over this Blue Bell stuff, and I'm dying to try it.

I don't really care for fresh mozzarella either. Suck on that, Ina.

Okay, maybe I need to write my own food quirks post.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I don't like fresh tomatoes.

And I can't believe you said that about hot fudge--that is pure sacrilege.

the Jennings secede from the South said...

I love Blue Bell Birthday Cake icecream- Yum, sister.

Brooke & Freeland said...

loved reading all of those! Who knew you didnt like sushi, wine, yogurt & lasagna!

I never would have guessed it! I used to not like a TON of things but ever since that Freeland guy came around I slooowly started to enjoy more types of foods. Like - strawberries, mayo (totally hate miracle whip) avacado, sushi, wine.. just to name a few