Sunday, March 2, 2008

Vegetarians and Vegans Cover Your Eyes and Ears

Short Rib Bourguignonne under The Rescue Chef

I made this today. It is wonderful. It was quick prep time but cooks for like 3 hours. It was delicious. The short ribs melted in your mouth. I basically ended up taking the meat off the bone (the meat really fell off the bone) and just broke it up into chunks and put it back in the sauce. I thickened the sauce up w/a little cornstarch into more of a gravy. I had added a whole package of baby carrots and extra celery and then we spooned this over asiago mashed potatoes and had green beans. The only thing that weirded me out was the marrow coming out of the end of the bones when I was searing them and the whole connective tissue and fat thing when I was taking the meat off. I am not vegetarian or vegan. I don't think Vegan is possible for me........I guess I am thoroughly convinced that most vegans just hate food. Don't stone me if you are vegan and this is not true. I can see giving up meat, I have done so in the past. But giving up eggs, cheese, cream, ice cream etc. No way. There IS NO WAY IN HELL. Some of those vegan substitutes spook me to no end. And soy......the beans are fine. You can pop them like candy......but I don't want soy dogs or soy cheeze or soy anything else. I don't want fakin bacon. I don't want tofurkey. Tofu is another thing I don't like. It is just plain WEIRD. Meat tends to gross me out on occassion and I could probably easily give it up again, and who knows what the future holds. I do get hungry for a steak now and again or a burger. I make chicken but could definately live w/out it. Bones, blood, skin, connective tissue, veins, and small pin feathers ick me to no end. BLAH! Anywho's, after getting past the whole meat thing......the taste of the short ribs WAS incredible. I mean......take a look at know who Moby is??? The singer.....Moby, who had the beef with Eminem. He looks sickly......when he was on Rachael Ray they went to his house and he showed his fridge open and the only thing he has in there are drinks and vitamins (he is vegan)......he truly looks like he needs a Triple Bacon Cheeseburger......all pale and sallow looking. I don't know. Don't send me hate mail PETA or PITA (pain in the ass) I am just merely thinking out loud here. I mean.....chickens have to lay eggs, it is what they do. Someone has got to eat is that hurting a chicken by eating there egg??? My girlfriend once cracked an egg open for our breakfast and said "instant abortion". THANK YOU SO MUCH.........never looked at it that way before. Took me awhile to eat eggs again but I managed to bring them back into my diet. I never crack and egg w/out thinking that though. Perhaps that will be next weeks QUOTE OF THE WEEK...."Crack an egg, Have you had your instant abortion today".

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Cakespy said...

This post made me laugh out loud...I am very veggie-friendly and am into a lot of vegan pastries, but I am not vegan or even vegetarian when I came to the part about Moby I really did crack up.