Monday, March 3, 2008

Grasping For Straws

Sweet n "Saur" Cabbage Soup

Does anyone ever feel like Rachael Ray is sometimes just grasping for straws???? Today is one of those days where I am like "Why is she on the air". I don't know. I like cabbage and I even like sauerkraut but this to me is just "blah". It reminds me of Willy Wonka and when Charlie and his family have to eat cabbage water for supper every night. I am all for imagination when cooking but sometimes there are those recipes where you are thinking "WTF". She is also making a toasted cheeze w/pickles and mustard.......I am sure it IS delish but no thanks.


Lora said...

OK-I'm out of town for a weekend and you go into "Blogging Mania"! It may take me a day to catch up on all you wrote! FEAST OR FAMINE!

StickyGooeyCreamyChewy said...

I saw that episode today! I thought the same thing! I used to like her, but she gets more and more obnoxious as she gets more famous. She gets on my last friggin' nerve! Sammies, my butt! Hmmph!

Ann Miller said...

Okay, I could not agree more!! Oprah gives a little, and they take alot!! Rachel Ray and Dr. Phil, that it! They both get on my nerves!! Rachel Ray is a cook; she should not be talking about the cleanliness of the tools at a nail salon!! That was a recent episode. Thanks for that opportunity to unload!