Thursday, May 8, 2008


Back in Nebraska, or NebraK-sa as our 4 year old says, we attended Kindermusik. We used to sing this song about Toast. Everyone would crouch down on the floor and chant in their best library voice................

Toast....toast....we like it a lot
Toast....toast....when will it

Of course, when it was time to say "POP" would jump up from your crouching position and yell "POP". Needless to say, this has stuck with us and our whole family sings it daily.

Since toast is in the food pyramid, I felt this was a fitting story!

LOL, so instead of "when monkeys fly out of my butt" you can now say "when toast flies out of my a$$".


Lora said...

Love to see a video of kids singing that very song!

Danielle said...

i still work at hamot. i'm working both jobs on a part-time basis, but my desire is to be full time at the church. that's where i'm actually using my skills. the hospital job is basically a secretarial position.

Brooke & Freeland said...

Im going to have to remember that one! Lora's idea is great - I think a video would be fabulous!

the Jennings secede from the South said...

Toast, toast.. slap on the butter
Toast, toast.. I'll have a-nother

that rhymes...sorta.

k said...

Never sang that tune. I do love toast though...I think it is the ultimate comfort food. I actually just had olive bread toast for dinner! Too lazy to cook and the loaf was getting dry.