Friday, May 9, 2008

Sphenopalatine Ganglioneuralgia otherwise known as a BRAIN Frrrrreeeeeeze

I have just diagnosed myself with Sphenopalatine Ganglioneuralgia. Brain freeze is normally triggered within a few seconds of a cold substance coming into contact with the roof of the mouth. A stabbing or aching type of pain occurs, which usually recedes within 10–20 seconds, however the pain may occasionally last 30–60 seconds or, rarely, for up to five minutes.

In my case, A Serendipity Frrozen HOT Mint Chocolate was the culprit of my frozen brain syndrome.

A Frrrozen HOT Chocolate was created by a restaurant in NYC called Serendipity 3.
They sell their frozen mix concoction through Williams Sonoma. I received a canister the other night as a hostess gift from my Cinco party. I have had the regular frrrozen hot chocolate but never the mint. I decided to blend one up tonight.

1/2 c. mix, 1/2 c. milk and 1 1/2 c. ice cubes and whirl in a blender.
The Mint Chocolate was quite tasty.

Did you order to stop a brain freeze in its tracks you can push your tongue to the roof of your mouth to warm up and ward off the brain freeze. Try really works.


StickyGooeyCreamyChewy said...

Oh wow! I love that stuff! It does give a wicked brain freeze, though. Thanks for the tip!

Lora said...

My experience-if I don't wolf down the cold like I haven't eaten in a week, I don't get brain freeze. PATIENCE-savor the goodness slowly. (I AM NOT VERY GOOD AT DOING THIS!)

Brooke & Freeland said...

I love me some frozen hot chocolate! Didnt know that you could stop a brain freeze in its tracks like that! If I had only known that when I lived in NYC - would have saved me a lot of brain freezers at serendipity!!

k said...

I know I commented earlier, but now I'm not here anymore. And I could think I got censored, but I didn't curse! The mint hot chocolate freeze would be totally worth the brain hurt. Absolutely.

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

K~LOL, I don't know what happened. That was weird. I remembered reading it. Plus, cursing is all the better, as far as I am concerned. CURSE AWAY!