Monday, April 28, 2008

Mexican Hotcha Hot Chocolate Ice Cream With Mallows

Mexican Hot Chocolate: Is a rich beverage is made with unsweetened chocolate, milk, heavy cream sugar, cinnamon, eggs, and pure vanilla extract.

You know, everytime I open up a bar of Ghirardelli, I always feel like Charlie opening up his Wonka Bar looking for the Golden Ticket....perhaps it is because they are all wrapped in a mesmerizing gold foil. Then I am snapped back to reality and realize the jig is up and there ain't no damn Wonka World.

Everyone needs a jar of instant espresso (not expresso) in their cupboard. I add it to EVERYTHING that has a chocolate base. If you use just a teaspoon or 2 it doesn't impart any coffee flavoring, it just adds a depthness to your chocolate. This vietnamese cinnamon is the is sooo pungent and intoxicating that I could wear it as perfume.

Uh, yes, pardon me, but I do believe those are my fingerprints in the chocolate custard ice cream base. If you look at it from the side it could pass for a bear paw print. Yeah, that's the ticket!!!

This is the Marsh I used for the Mallows

Ooompa Doompa Doompity Doo I've got another puzzle for you.....what do you get when you guzzle down SWEETS, eating as much as an elephant EATS (that's all I can remember)

Chocolate Custard Base churning

Into the deep freeze for a long winters nap or until hard.


k said...

Wow,that was so fun to read! I made homemade hot chocolate at Christmas and did a bit of cayenne in it. Then, I did a cocoa whip cream...a total hit. YOu never go back to instant after that! What a cute boy with spoon you have.

Danielle said...

ok, so mainly i need an ice cream maker. is that what you're telling me? (please say yes)

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

K~love it w/ should try foodtv's whicked hot chocolate and they also make it into a spicy chocolate mousse.

Danielle~yes, you NEED one...this is not a want, it is a NEED. Get a cuisinart...they are cheap. Like $40 or so....and they work greta. That is the one Barefoot uses. It is soooo easy to make.

Anonymous said...

So basically I'm willing to travel to Arkansas whenever that comes out of the freezer. :-)

Lora said...


Brooke & Freeland said...

hilarious - as always!! Thanks for the tip about the espresso I will have to start doing that! I love the pictures also! OH and (last thing I promise) I love that you noted 'not expresso'