Thursday, November 29, 2007

Does the 5 second rule count for the garbage???

I don't know why I would start a blog. I am a foodie. I guess that is the yuppy name for it. I think the Betty Ford term would be "food addict". I don't have time for this. I will misspell words, I will use incorrect punctuation (I just plain don't give a damn), I will probably even offend some people........I would love to give political correctness a good swift kick in the ass. Ooooh way off the subject.

Anywho, whilst making my cinnamon bread today.......I started out making cinnamon rolls and time restraints turned it into bread (okay, yes you are right, I was too damn lazy to roll and cut when I could just roll). Anyway.......sweet bread dough, vietnamese cinnamon......smells like I have my own vietnamese child grating away at the cinnamon bark in my own kitchen......(*make note to self, vietnamese cinnamon sweat shop). As I concoct my elastic sweet dough, prepare my filling, my 1 year old is digging cookies out of the garbage and eating them. With being elbow deep in pastry flour and parchment paper I almost blurt out the words stop but he looked so cute with all those crumbs on his face and I figure the 5 second rule has to count for the garbage also........I mean it was laying on top and all.

I have Sweet Italian Sausage and Bean soup bubbling away as we speak with Fagiolata beans from Williams Sonoma and a lovely Parmesan Rind from Fresh Market. Sorry guys, I am already married.

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