Saturday, January 5, 2008

A Clean Fridge Means a Sane Mind....(perhaps Britney needs her fridge cleaned)

I had decided to clean out my ice box tonight while I was waiting for my pizza dough to rise. We are doing cheese pizzas on the BGE tonight with the kids. Steelers are playing so I am sure hubby will lose his appetite.....oh well, more for us.

Anyway.....I love cleaning out the fridge. Well not the actual ACT of cleaning it out, but I love a clean fridge. All of the shelves pearly white, the glass sparkling clean, all the condiments on one shelf, yogurt/cottage cheese on another etc. You feel so purged and wonderful when it is all done. Like a new person. Like you could conquer the world. You walk with a spring in your step, your head held steady, your chin up just a little..........chest all puffed out. It is quite concerning what you find while cleaning out your fridge. You mean I have THREE kraft light ranch dressings???? uh......who used the Tahini last??? hmmm I have a whole jar of $7.00 stonewall kitchen holiday jam left........should I keep it, should I pitch it........dilemma......hmmmm, I mean the holidays are over..........can I really eat HOLIDAY jam if the holidays are over???? I just know that the holiday police are watching.......well, I will put it back on the shelf and throw it out in I don't feel so guilty. Ok, many different jars of grey poupon do we need???? In my defense, one of them actually said on the bottle it was FROM FRANCE. Okey Dokey.....who spilled the chocolate soy milk and half assed cleaned it up??? There is soy milk on the oranges. How many 1/2 sticks of butter do we need. Maybe if we slightly melt the ends of them we can reconnect them and then have a whole stick. Just looks better that way. Oh my gosh, that really 2 strands of my hair in the vegetable bin.......uh, good thing I am cleaning this out.

Anyway, the BGE is outside heating up. So far the only thing I have managed to make really well is the pizza. Nothing like buying a $1000 grill to cook pizza on. Made Italian salads earlier. This may sound a little odd but they are really good. Chopped romaine hearts, ground italian turkey sausage sprinkled on, dark red kidney beans, garbanzo beans, cucumber, shredded carrot, shredded parm, and a mustard herb viniagrette that I added sundried tomatoes to. Totally is a take on Everyday Italian from Food TV but I added some extras.


Lora said...

You are not nearly old enough to call it a "ice box". That belongs to my generation. Sounds like a little OCD coming to the surface.

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

Nothing a little anti-psychotic mood-stabilizer won't treat.

What was that song?? Daddy's got an ice box mamma never sleeps at night?? Or was it squeeze box?? Squeeze box, ice box......who's counting??